• School Uniform


FB Sports and Clothing offer the whole range of school uniform and services.

Our Schoolwear products are premium quality we do not charge a premium price, our company ethos is to give excellent value and excellent service.

While quality and comfort are foremost in our view, we never forget that the price point also matters. We are passionate about providing a superior product that will out-last the competition at a price that reflects true value for money.

We Offer everything from sweatshirts to polos, school t-shirts to knitwear,  aprons, lab coats, Blazers and Jackets.

Our sensory school uniform autistic clothing range has been inspired and designed by “Spectra Sensory clothing” to look like a traditional uniform whilst providing the most comfort and least sensory irritation to children with ASC and other sensory conditions.

We also offer a superb embroidery and print service that really makes it fast and easy for our customers to order. We have taken all the hassle out of this important add-on service.

FB Sports and Clothing are also members of The Schoolwear Association because every child is worth it.

If you would like any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01244  312262.